How We Help Podcasters

  • Launch

    Launching your podcast correctly requires a plan. We can provide you with the system necessary to get your show started on the right path and at the top of the charts.

  • Grow

    We've created unique strategies to grow podcasts in several industries. Our methods help shows increase their downloads by the hundreds in just one month!

  • Monetize

    Our goal is to help 10,000 podcasters start making $1,000 from their show. We have an entire folder dedicated to help hosts make money in various ways.

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How it Works

Here's our process to make sure you get immediate value from the Podcast Profit Club:

  • Enrollment package to get you that quick win early no matter where you are in your podcast journey.

  • Group coaching sessions every other Thursday to answer your questions.

  • Exclusive LIVE interviews with leaders in the podcast industry.

  • Workbooks and outlines to help you

  • Software to make the execution of hosting your podcast easier AND cheaper.

Course Content

We're adding content to the course every single day!

  • 1

    Thursday Sessions

    • Podcast Coaching

  • 2

    Launch Your Podcast Trainings

    • Set up Your Mailing List for the Podcast Launch

    • Planning Your Content

  • 3

    Market Your Podcast Trainings

    • Using Facebook Groups for Podcast Marketing

  • 4

    Monetize Your Podcast Trainings

    • The Steps to Find Sponsors

Some Extras

We take care of our members. Here are some extras you get just for being a member!

  • Enrollment Package

    No mater what stage you're at, we can guide podcasters to the next level! Our enrollment package includes tools you can use to improve the value of your show and get in the position to earn more.

  • Castocity

    This is software designed strictly to make money podcasting. It was created by podcasters for podcasters. You'll get access to the tool and continued support to get the most from Castocity.

  • Templates

    When our special visit the community, they drop off gifts to our members! Also, the other teachings we provide in the community come with templates so you can get started making progress.

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