What You Get

Here's what this consulting plan will do for you:

  • One on One

    Work with Coach Chris one on one to get the best strategies for monetizing your podcast.

  • Monetizing Options

    You'll learn how to monetize your podcast in multiple ways. This includes sponsorships, affiliate marketing and product development.

  • Video Content

    You'll finally have the systems in place to make money from the content you've been creating.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Generating Leads

    • Develop Your Offer

    • Podcast Ad Template

  • 2

    New Episode Styles

    • Action Episodes

    • Interview Strategy

    • Move the Needle Episodes

    • Move the Needle Ep

    • Action Episode

  • 3

    Ideal Sponsors

    • Podcast Sponsorship Method

    • Podcast Sponsorship

    • Three Tips for Finding Sponsors

    • How to Negotiate with Ideal Sponsors

  • 4

    Product Development

    • Basic Product Development

    • Product Options

  • 5

    Assets for Your Podcast

    • Creating Masterclasses

    • Mailing List for Your Podcast

    • Medium as a Platform for Your Podcast

Real Results

Coach Chris has actually gotten his podcast sponsored and generated revenue for several other shows. Over the past five years, Chris has earned $20,000 podcasting. His podcast, The Personal Branding Playbook, is now a iHeartMedia podcast and he also owns The Milestone Club podcast network.

Bonus material

Include additional content to your course curriculum to provide further value to your students.

  • 1 Month Access to Podcast Profit Club

    You'll also get access to the Podcast Profit Club where you can connect with other hosts and learn from expert guests.

  • 1 Month Access to Castocity

    Get the best software to automate your podcast marketing AND make money from your show.

  • Templates

    We have several templates and secrets to monetize your podcast. You can download these and use them forever!

Monetize Your Podcast Now

Let's create multiple income streams for your podcast!