Who Are We?

Our goal is to help podcasters create profitable businesses. This community will provide podcasters with the tools to brand, design and scale your podcast business. 

What You Get

Each of our members grows and receives some specific major benefits.

  • The How

    We're providing you w/ the skills to set up your podcast business and start getting paid.

  • The Tools

    As a member, you also get access to our software that helps work with clients, build relationships with prospects and get paid!

  • The Community

    You get to build relationships with other business owners that are getting started just like you. This will help your brand evolve quickly.

Work w/ Coach Chris

Coach Chris has worked in the podcast industry for six years. As a producer, manager and editor, Chris had a chance to work w/ over 500 podcasts.

How it Works

Here's a clear breakdown of how the community will help you grow and evolve.

  • We host group coaching sessions every other week to help members grow their business and get questions answered.

  • New masterclasses are available every other week so you can learn about different topics building your business.

  • Live expert interviews with industry leaders are done every week so you get a chance to connect with winners around the world.

PEBK Toolkit

Here's what makes the software revolutionary!

  • Workshop for You and Clients

    Work with your clients on projects so that any updates or mistakes can be fixed quickly without sending multiple emails.

  • Send Invoices and Get Paid

    Now you can avoid PayPal by sending invoices and getting paid instantly. PEBK allows editors to connect their Stripe account and close deals instantly.

  • Schedule Meetings and Deadlines

    Your clients can add new episodes for you to produce and you get notified instantly. This also includes meeting scheduling so any issues can be addressed as soon as possible.

Bonus Material

Here are some of the extra bonuses you get as a member of the PSH Community!

  • Asset Growth Strategy

    Grow assets that will compliment your podcast editing/managing business. This will help you increase your revenue monthly.

  • Editor Content Method

    Every podcast editor should be releasing content. This will help you build your brand and attract more qualified prospects.

  • Unlimited Templates

    You'll also receive templates to nurture your prospects via email and create amazing landing pages that convert.