Launch the Right Way

We have proven strategies to get you results!

Our podcast launching system was designed with real revenue in mind. We help you get your podcast started and put you in the position to profit from your content as soon as possible. (Results vary upon niche.)

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Early Stage Strategies

    • Find Your Ideal Listeners

    • Intro and Outro

    • Podcast Listener Persona

    • One on One w/ Coach Chris

    • Create Trailer for Your Show

    • Interview Episode Format

  • 2

    Launch Tactics

    • Mailing List for Launch

    • Podcast Anchor Method

    • Support for Your Launch

    • Planning Your Content

  • 3

    Long Term Success

    • Podcast Ambassadors Masterclass

    • Medium Strategy

    • Podcast Sponsorship Overview

    • Podcast Affiliate Marketing

Covering all the Major Pieces

There are key areas that we just can't miss when launching your show.

  • Creating a clear persona for your listeners so its easier to reach them with your content.

  • Develop specific launch tactics for your show to reach thousands of listeners from day 1!

  • A clear plan and system of short and long term podcast marketing systems for your content.


Here are some of the extras:

  • Workbook Materials

    The materials will save you time. You'll get access to templates for social media and email marketing.

  • Tracking

    You also get a strategy for tracking your mailing list grow and getting more subscribers.

  • Community

    Get one month's access to the Podcast Profit Club! You get to be around other top podcast hosts growing their shows and generating revenue.

Launch Your Podcast

Let's get your show launched and create multiple income streams.